Paws Almanac

Paws Almanac, version 2.2.3, is an app for iPhone och Apple Watch showing calendar related information, for instance name days, holidays, flag days and moon phase. Just like an almanac.

Paws Almanac lets you show name days and other information in an Apple Watch complication. Depending on the watch face and kind of complication different information is shown.

The widget display can also be used to quickly get basic almanac information at a glance.

Paws Almanac supports name days and calendar events for Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden. By default the device locale is used to select almanac, and other almanacs are available to chose in Settings.

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Day View

The Day View display calendar information for the selected day. By default, the current date is shown. Swipe left or right to move to the previous or next day. When another day than the current is displayed a ‘Go to today’ button is shown, and can be used to quickly take return to the view of today’s date.

List View

The List View shows all days of the year in a scrollable list. The basic calendar information for each day is displayed, such as name day and calendar events. National or regional flag days are also indicated by showing the relevant flag at the end of the row. National or provincial holidays are indicated by red colour for the date.

The date selected in the List view, is used as the base date for Day View and World View. Use the List view to quickly scroll to the date you are looking for, and then switch view.

At the top of the List View is a search field which can be used to search for names in the current almanac. Select the date found, and switch to Day View or World View to see more information.

World View

The World View is an exciting new addition to version 2 of the app, and is used to get information about name days across multiple counties.

Choose what countries’ names to show in the Settings view.

Like in the Day View swiping left or right moves to the previous or next day. To quickly go to a specific date, choose the date in the List View and switch to the World View to review who’s name days to celebrate in each country.

If no additional countries are chosen in the Settings View, a message hint is shown to support the process.

Settings View

Select main region by taping on that country’s row. The main region is used to determine what almanac to shown on the Day View, the List View in the Widget, and for the Apple Watch’s app and complication.

The selected region is indicated by showing the country’s flag in strong colours, while other flags are dimmed.

The switches to the right are used to select additional regions to show in the World View. Using the ‘All’ or ‘None’ button at the top of the display switches can be easily turned on or off all at one.

Some countries have local holidays in some regions, states or provinces. If this is the case, taping the country’s name not only selects it, but also unfolds the list of sub-regions. Select a sub-region if you wish to observe its holidays and flag days in any of the places the main region almanac is shown.

When tapping a country with sub-regions (e.g. states, provinces) the sub-regions are unfolded beneath the country name.
Click ‘None’ to turn off all country regions.
Click ‘All’ to turn on all country regions.


Add the widget, named ‘Almanac‘, to your widget springboard to easily access almanac information on the iPhone.

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Download Paws Almanac from App Store

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