Version History

Version 3.0.4

  • Fixed: Correction of calendar information for Sweden and Finland.
  • Fixed: Information did not always show correctly in List View when switching between years.
  • Improved data storage update functionality.

Release date 17 June 2020

Version 3.0.3

  • Improvements to layout of Day view on smaller devices.

Release date 14 June 2020

Version 3.0.2

  • Fixed: Changing date occasionally made the app crash.
  • Fixed: ‘Settings’ button in ‘World’ view did not always working as intended.

Release date 2 May 2020

Version 3.0.1

  • Minor localisation correction

Release date 13 April 2020

Version 3.0


  • Added almanac for 14 countries, including 8 with name days (marked with *):
    • Belgium
    • Croatia (*)
    • Czech Republic (*)
    • Greece (*)
    • Hungary (*)
    • Ireland
    • Italy (*)
    • Luxembourg
    • Netherlands
    • Russia (*)
    • Slovakia (*)
    • Switzerland
    • Ukraine (*)
    • United Kingdom
  • Language support added for Czech, Hungarian, Italian, and Slovakian
  • General improvements of app and update on calendar information.

Day View

  • Shows sunrise, sunset and sun hours for your current location (optional)
  • Shows birthday of contacts (optional)

List View

  • Shows birthday of contacts (optional)
  • Improved search
  • Support for switch to other years than the current

Calendar View

  • An all new view, with a month/week calendar layout
  • Shows indication of holidays in red
  • Shows official flag days, if such exist
  • Shows changes in moon phases
  • Ability to view other years than the current

World View

  • Hiding sections without entries for the selected day


  • Option to show sun information. (Requires authorisation to access location of the device.)
  • Option to show your contacts’ birthday in day and list views. (Requires authorisation to access contact on the device.)

Other new features

  • Shows daylight savings time change for supported regions
  • Spotlight search for name of currently selected region, and opening app on selected date
  • Improved handling of events moving dates

Apple Watch App

  • Display sunrise, sunset and sun hours for your current location (enable location access in phone app Settings and permit access to location on watch)
  • Watch App can be installed independent of iPhone app (defaulting to watch’s region)

Release date 13 March 2020

Version 2.2.5

  • Fix of leap year related bug.

Release date 4 March 2020

Version 2.2.4

  • Fix of leap year related bug.

Release date 9 January 2020

Version 2.2.3

  • Minor update.

Release date 31 December 2019

Version 2.2.2

  • Minor update.

Release date 30 November 2019

Version 2.2.1

  • Minor update.

Release date 26 October 2019

Version 2.2

  • Support for Dark mode on iOS 13.

Release date 24 October 2019

Version 2.1.1

  • Bug fix to correct moon phase not updating in iPhone app.

Release date 9 July 2019

Version 2.1

  • Added almanac and name day information for France and Spain.
  • Added languages for French and Spanish.
  • Tapping the widget now opens the app.
  • Added support for equinox and solstice events.
  • Added information about tomorrows names for day in ‘Day’ and in widget.
  • General improvements on app and update on calendar information.

Release date 4 June 2019

Version 2.0

  • All new navigation with a new ‘World View’ where multiple almanacs from selected countries/regions are shown in one view.
  • Additional almanacs to show in ‘World View’ are chosen using switches for each region in ‘Settings’.
  • The main region selected in ‘Settings’ is used in Day View, List View, in the widget and on Apple Watch in the app and complication.
  • For countries where sub-regions has local holidays, like Germany or Austria, those sub-regions are unfolded or folded when the country is selected. Select a sub-region to have regional or local holidays presented in local views (Day View, List View, in widget and Apple Watch app and complication).
  • Previous content has been arranged into tabs for ‘Day View’, ‘List View’, and ‘Settings’
  • Selection in List view is used as date for Day View and World View also.
  • ‘Go to Today’ button resets the selected date to the current in Day View, List View and World View.
  • Three (3) new regions’ almanacs supported with name days, flag and holidays: Poland, Germany and Austria
  • Support for regional flag days and holidays in Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Austria.
  • Additional languages supported: German, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Icelandic.
  • Support for use on multiple Apple Watches.
  • Updates to widget.
  • Bug fixes and general code improvements.

Release date 6 May 2019

Version 1.2.1

  • Corrected name day information for Baltic countries.

Release date 1 April 2019

Version 1.2

  • Added Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Icelandic almanacs
  • New Settings View for selecting regional almanac to show
  • Settings shared for iPhone app and widget, and Watch app and complication
  • General improvements and tweaks to code and interface

Release date 28 March 2019

Version 1.1

  • More region almanacs – Added support for Danish, Finnish, Norwegian almanac name days and calendar events.
  • ‘Today’ button – Easily return to the current day in the iPhone app.
  • Improved support for moving holidays and event days
  • Weekday shown in main iPhone view.
  • General code and interface improvements

Release date 19 March 2019

Version 1.0

  • First release.

Release date 20 Feberuay 2019