Paws Quiz

Test your knowledge of the world of country flags. How many flags do you recognise? Can you beat your own high score?

Try out Paws Quiz, a simple quiz game. Tell your friends and family about it to see if they can beat you. Maybe you are the uncrowned master of flags?

Download for free on AppStore and play. An optional in-app purchase removes the ads.

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The Game

Before starting the game you choose the deck of card you want to play. There are currently four options:

  • Country of flag – Pick the country matching the flag shown on the flash card.
  • Flag of country – Pick the country matching the country shown on the flash card.
  • Capital of country – Pick the capital matching the country name shown on the flash card.
  • Country of capital – Pick the country matching the capital name shown on the flash card.

You can also, if you wish, what continent you want to play. Or just stay with the default, the World, which means you will be challenged with connecting 195 flags with their respective countries.

Try to beat your own high scores, and learn about the flags, capitals and countries of the world in the process.

Learning fun and game in one!

Country of flag

The game is simple. Each card shows a flag asking you to identify what country it represents. Tap what you think is the right answer. If it is correct you will score a point, and a new flag will be shown.

If you choose the right answer, you score a point…

If you guess wrong, the game will end and you will have to try again.

Flag of country

Playing ‘Flag of country’ is merely the opposite of the ‘Country of flag’. You should identify the flag which matches the name of the country displayed at the top of the screen.

You can continue as long as you pick the right flags. If you get it wrong, the game is over and you will have to try again.

Capital of country / Country of capital

The ‘Capital of country’ and ‘Country of capital’ decks contain flash card where you must pick the right capital or country respectively, to answer the question posed.

This is harder than you might think, especially picking the country for a named capital. Try it, and see if you can get all of them right!


Unlocking decks

The new decks of cards in version 2.0 are locked by default, and can easily be unlocked either through an in-app purchase of the Premium option. Or, just go to Settings and watch a reward ad to unlock the deck for the rest of the day. If you try to start a game with a locked deck, you will be taken to the Settings view automatically.

Decks with a lock icon need to be unlocked by watching an ad, or by an in-app purchase of the Premium option.

Premium in-app purchase

The Premium in-app purchase unlocks all current decks of the app, and removes all ads from the app.

If you have reinstalled the app, you may also restore a previously made purchase with the ‘Restore Purchases’ button.

Download Paws Traveller from App Store

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