Paws Weather

Paws Weather will show you current weather and forecasts, up to 10 days ahead, at your current location, or another location you choose somewhere in the world.

The basic version is free to use, presenting current weather, and sunrise and sunset hours at the selected location. Forecasts are enabled through a in-app subscription purchase, with a two week free trial period.

The PLUS subscription extends the information available. In addition to the current weather, also multiday forecasts are now shown. The forecast include weather conditions and temperature by the hour, and aggregated per day, including expected rain, humidity and wind conditions.

Locations in the Scandinavian region cover up to five (5) days of aggregated forecasts, predictions of temperature, and weather conditions. Based on availability, with up to hourly granularity, for about 10 days. In other locations, forecasts include present day and then two days ahead, also with hourly predictions.

Main View

The main view of the app show, as you would probably expect, the weather information and forecast for the selected location.

At the top the latest weather reading for the specified location is show, with indication of weather type, temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud coverage in per cent, humidity and rain/snow precipitation. This information is shown in the free version.

The free version of the app display the last weather reading for the selected location.

With the purchase of a PLUS subscription additional features and detailed multi-day weather forecasts.

Underneath is hourly forecasts for today and the days ahead. The granularity may be reduced ahead in the timeline, as the reliable forecasts are harder to create further ahead in time.

Hourly forecasts cover 10 days for the Scandinavian region, and 3 days for other locations.

The aggregated daily forecasts are showing predicted temperature, and estimations of rain or snow precipitation, as well as humidity and wind.

With the PLUS subscription you also get to choose from five (5) additional background colours for the app: black, dark blue, light blue, light green, and light yellow. Two of the colours, purple and dark red, are available for everyone, also in the free version.

Sunrise and Sunset indicator

At the bottom of the main view you find the sunrise and sunset hours for the chosen location.

Time for sunrise, total hours of day, and time for sunset

Settings View


Choose for what location the app should show weather. This setting can be even more easily accessed by tapping the location name in the main view.

Select ‘Current location’ to keep the weather details linked to you position as you move

Select the display units you want to use for temperature, speed, and distance.

Subscribe for additional features through PLUS

Paws Weather is free to download for use, and include basic features:

  • current weather conditions
  • use of current location
  • selection and search of location
  • two choices for background colour
  • ads

To get more value out of the app, you should subscribe to the PLUS features. This will also make the app an ad-free experience.

With a PLUS subscription you get additional features:

  • daily forecast summaries, 3-5 days depending on region
  • hourly conditions, 3-10 days depending on region
Weather Plus an In-app subscription purchase available to buy in the  Settings view

Feature comparison

Current weather conditionsXX
Weather forecastsX
Daily forecast summary3-5 days
Hourly forecast conditions3-10 days
Use of current locationXX
Select locationXX
Search for locationXX
Custom background colours27
Feature comparison table

Privacy settings

The advertisements are brokered with the support of Google. What ads are displayed can be more or less adapted to your user profile, and you can choose if you allow Google how personal the advertisement identifier can be. More information can be found in the consent dialogue.

This applies only if you have not purchased the Weather Plus. With Weather Plus active, no advertisement is show, nor is any personal identifiers stored for such use.

Download Paws Weather from App Store

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