Paws Week

Paws Week is an app which provide widgets with calendar related information, such as week number, a month calendar or simply today’s date, to the iPhone home screen. For Apple Watch users it also offers a complication to show the current week number.

In the iPhone app itself, you can see the month calendar view in full size to get an easy glance of week numbers throughout the year.

NEW! In version 2.0, released 1 January 2021, the ability to customise widget colours is added, based on requests from several users.

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The basic app view simply show the week number, date information and the current month’s calendar.

Use arrow buttons to show previous or next month’s calendar, and the middle button to return to the current date.


With iOS 14 there is a new way to add widgets to your Home Screen and Paws Week has added support for such widgets since version 1.5.

medium week widget
large week widget

In version 1.6 an additional kind of widget is added which emphasises the date element. This is particularly useful for users in regions where the sister app, Paws Almanac is not available.

small widget
medium widget
large day widget

Month calendar widget is added in version 1.7 in the small and medium formats. It show the calendar of a full month in addition to the basic date information (similar to the large widgets for Date and Week). an additional kind of widget is added which emphasises the date element.

small widget
medium widget

Choose a small, medium or large widget and add it to your home screen.

For the Day and Week widgets, the large size widget also contain a month calendar view for quick access.

Tap the widget to launch the app.

NEW! Custom colours on iOS 14 widgets

The major new thing in version 2.0 is the ability to customise the colour scheme of the widget, to better suit your preferences and blend with your Home Screen background.

Select whichever colours you prefer using the built in colour picker
You can always return back to the default colours scheme

Use ISO Calendar

Turn on the option to use ISO Calendar if your device settings is different and you want Paws Week to use a different standard. According to the ISO standard week number 1 is the first week of the year with at least four days. If your regional setting is already using the ISO standard this setting has no effect.

Old style widget

If you have not yet updated the operative system, you can still use the old widget type in the Today view.

Screenshot of legacy Today widget for Paws Week, for iOS 13 and older.

Apple Watch Complication

A key use for the Paws Week app is as complication on the Apple Watch, enabling quick access to the current week number on the watch face. A light touch on the complication opens the app, and the Digital Crown can be used to move back and forth to check dates and week numbers.

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