Grey Paws AB – mobile apps

Grey Paws AB offer useful mobile apps focused on providing users with good functionality and convenient use.

Currently five apps are found on AppStore for Apple iPhone and Apple Watch:

Paws Almanac makes calendar related information easily accessible. The app show name days and other calendar events for all days of the year. It shows times for sunrise and sunset, as well as the birthday of your contacts. The Apple Watch complication always tell the names or events of the day. As does the widgets, which on iOS 14 can be placed directly on your home screen.

Paws Week shows the current week number as a complication for Apple Watch, and on the iPhone. Widgets for your home screen are also available.

Paws Traveller helps you keep track of what places you have been to around the globe, and when. Maybe it can inspire you to some future travels and adventures.

Paws Quiz is learning and fun in one package. Test your knowledge of the world of flags in this flash card quiz game. Can you beat your own high score?

Paws Quiz Traffic SE

Paws Quiz Traffic is an app for people practising road signs for their driver’s license, or otherwise just needing a refresh on their sign and signal knowledge. (Available only in Sweden. More information on product page.)